Best Bidet Seats

Once a strictly European phenomenon, bidet toilet seats have steadily grown in popularity in the United States as consumers learn about their many personal and environmental benefits. New bidet models have numerous features to address comfort and functionality.

Toto S 300 Washlet

Japanese company Toto is the world’s largest manufacturer of bidets and custom toilet seats. It is known for quality and the integration of many luxury features. The Washlet 300 has everything necessary for a pampered bathroom experience. It includes a wireless remote control that can be set into a wall mount. The remote allows users to access five cleaning modes, drying, massage and air purification options via a large screen. The cleansing wand is adjustable for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Five unique cleaning modes for complete front and back cleansing are available in the Toto S bidet. The cleaning wand is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Comfort is achieved via the heated, soft cushioned bidet seat, which also closes automatically.

Brondell Swash 1000

The Brondell 1000 is the perfect combination of luxury and Eco-friendly design. Featuring three levels of water cleansing, adjustable nozzles and a sleek wireless remote, this bidet certainly addresses all comfort needs. Furthermore, on demand water heating, pressure adjustments and an automatic mode to conserve power make this model an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious.

Keeping the Brondell clean is very simple with the option to quick release the seat and sterilize the cleansing nozzles. This bidet also features a controlled automatic closing lid, sure to please all members of the household.

Coway BA-13

Coway is a Korean brand that recently branched out into the United States. It is known for its durable construction and quality materials. The BA-13 bidet features a seat sensor that recognizes when a user sits down and begins heating the water to be used for cleansing. This ensures that warm water is not wasted. The seat can also sense when there has been no activity for over ten minutes, at which time it converts to economy mode to avoid wasting energy keeping the seat warm.

One of the most popular features of the Coway BA-13 is the option for a wider spray of cleansing water. While most bidets allow the speed or pressure of water to be altered, this model permits the width of the spray to be adjusted to meet individual needs.

Choosing the ideal bidet comes down to a comparison of the most important features and consideration of price and durability. Bidet users claim that once a person has experienced the comfort and superior clean, going back to a traditional toilet is just not an option.